Toldnyheder fra TaxCon 2019, uge 02

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Artikler og interessante links
WCO Conducts a Diagnostic Mission on Post Clearance Audit for Swaziland
Successful Diagnostic Mission of Sudan Customs Training System
WCO addresses Working Party on Customs Union under Romania’s EU Council Presidency
Members of the Asia-Pacific region discuss best practices in the area of transit
Items proposed for consideration at the next meeting of Dispute Settlement Body
Venezuela initiates WTO dispute complaint against US measures on goods and services
Thailand appeals compliance panel report regarding Thai measures on imported cigarettes
Madagascar launches safeguard investigation on detergent powder
Online registration opens for the 16th WIPO-WTO colloquium for IP teachers
Philippines launches safeguard investigation on ceramic floor and wall tiles

Nyheder om BREXIT
Policy paper: UK Government commitments to Northern Ireland and its integral place in the United Kingdom

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